Chase Archery - Custom Bow Tuning

Welcome to Chase Archery!

Chase Archery is a full service custom bow tuning shop.  At Chase Archery, we will take your current bow and install custom strings and cables, then tune it to perfection.  When we return your bow, it will shoot to its full potential and stay that way.  Whether you travel the world chasing trophy big game, punching paper, or shooting 3-D targets, shoot a bow that you have complete confidence in from the first shot to the last.

The weakest link to any bow set up has always been its strings and cables.  I don't care whether you have a $300 hand me down, or a $2,000 target bow - if it doesn't have good strings and cables, it won't be consistent.  This is why we only use our own custom built strings and cables.  With a 1 year guarantee against peep rotation, serving separation, and excessive creep, we stand behind our products. 

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